The 2010 Method Fest award winners (highlighted)
and the lists of nominees:

Christie Digital Award for Best Actress

  • Lily Holleman, urFrenz
  • Julie Dray, Do Elephants Pray?
  • Laura Linney, The City of Your Final Destination
  • Erica Curtis, Desert Son
  • Gillian Jacobs, Nonames
  • Ana Reeder, Homewrecker

City of Calabasas Award Best Feature Film

  • Handsome Harry, dir. Bette Gordon
  • The Good Heart, dir. Dagur Kari
  • UrFrenz, dir. Jeff Phillips
  • Tic, dir. Keith Parmer
  • Lefty, dir. Todd Lobby
  • Homewrecker, dir. Brad Barnes, Todd Barnes

Modern VideoFilm Audience Award Best Feature Film

  • Tic, dir. Keith Parmer

Barefoot Winery Award for Best Supporting Actor

  • Bruce Dern, The Lightkeepers
  • Nathan Halliday, Desert Son
  • Lance Henricksen, The Penitent Man
  • Steve Buscemi, Handsome Harry
  • John Savage, Handsome Harry
  • H.M. Wynant, Footprints
  • Alexander Wright, Wid Winner & The Slipstream

SAG Indie Award for Best Ensemble Cast

  • Tic, dir. Keith Parmer
  • Krews
  • The Lightkeepers
  • The Red Machine
  • The House of Branching Love
  • UrFrenz

LA Daily News Best Screenplay Award - TIE

  • Nicholas Gyeney, The Penitent Man
  • Jeff Phillips, UrFrenz
  • Theresa Rebeck, Seducing Charlie Barker
  • Keith Parmer, Tic
  • Dagur Kari, The Good Heart
  • Stephanie Argy, Alec Boehm, The Red Machine Maverick Award, Acting

  • Cal Robertson, The Beginner
  • Lee Perkins, The Red Machine
  • Daphne Zuniga, Seducing Charlie Barker
  • Abby Leigh, The Loneliest Road in America 
  • C.J. Moebius, Laid Off
  • Anslem Richardson, Homewrecker
  • Tony Classen, Big Things

Good Nite Inn Award Best Short Film

  • The Action Hero’s Guide to Saving Lives, dir. Justin Lutsky
  • The Butterfly Circus, dir. Joshua Weigel
  • Dark Horse, dir. Marc Furmie
  • Life Lines, dir. James Evans
  • New Media, dir. J.J. Adler
  • Path Lights, dir. Zachary Sluser

G-Technology by Hitachi Audience Award for Best Short Film

  • The Butterfly Circus, dir. Joshua Weigel

Regency Theaters Best Actress in Short Film

  • Lilli Birdsell in Once Upon a Crime
  • Vanessa Hidalgo in Culebra
  • Mekenna Melvin in Melting the Snowman
  • Valarie Pettyford in The Response
  • Kelly Ryan in Turn Around
  • Kathryn J. Taylor in 3 Faces of Evelyn

IZZE Award for Best Actor in Youth Film

  • Jesse Pilchen, Love is a Fallacy

Sony Award for Best Youth Film

  • Love is a Fallacy, directed by Duncan Ballantine, Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

Special Awards

  • Bruce Dern - Lifetime Achievement Award
    Lily Holeman – Rising Star Award


Time Warner Cable Award for Best Actor

  • Brian Geraghty, Krews
  • Anthony Hopkins, The City of Your Final Destination
  • Brian Cox, The Good Heart
  • Jamey Sheridan, Handsome Harry
  • James Badge Dale, Nonames
  • Andrew Merzlikin, Strayed

G-Technology by Hitachi Award for Best Foreign Film 

  • To Be all and End All, Great Britain, dir. Bruce Webb
  • Parkour, Germany, dir. Marc Rensing
  • The City of Your Final Destination, Great Britain, dir. James Ivory
  • Strayed, Kazakhstan, dir. Akan Satayev
  • The Dispensables, Germany, dir. Andreas Arnstedt
  • Station of the Forgotten, Spain, dir. Christian Molina, Sandra Serna

Stockholm Krystal Award for Best Supporting Actress

  • Gayla Goehl, urFrenz 
  • Najarra Townsend, urFrenz
  • Carey Mulligan, The Greatest
  • Pippa Scott, Footprints
  • Anna Easteden, The House of Burning Love

Stella Artois Maverick Award for Low Budget Feature Film

  • Lefty, dir. Todd Lobby
  • The Loneliest Road in America, dir. Mardana Mayginnes
  • Laid Off, dir. John Launchi
  • The Rock 'n' Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher, dir. Justin Monroe
  • Wid Winner & The Slipstream, dir. Alex O' Gaynor
  • Desert Son, dir. James Mann, Brandon Nicholas
  • Krews, dir. Hilbert Hakim
  • Homewrecker, dir. Brad Barnes, Todd Barnes
  • The Beginner, dir. Benjamin Coccio Film Award for Best Director

  • Ken Loach, Looking for Eric
  • Keith Parmer, Tic
  • Jeff Phillips, UrFrenz
  • Hilbert Hakim, Krews
  • Kathy Lindboe, Nonames
  • Andreas Arnstedt, The Dispensables
  • Shana Feste, The Greatest
  • Amy Glazer, Seducing Charlie Barker

100.3 FM The Sound Maverick Award for Best Acting in a Low Budget Film

  • Julie Dray, Do Elephants Pray?
  • Runner Up: Andrey Merzlikin, Strayed

Final Draft The Method Fest Maverick Award for Marketing, Promotion, Social Networking for an Independent Film

  • The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher, dir. Justin Monroe

Charter Communications Festival Director's Award, Best Film

  • Handsome Harry, dir. Bette Gordon

Sony Award Best Student Film

  • All in Due Time (Tiempo al Tiempo), dir. Tati Barrantes (from NYU)
  • Blue Boy, dir. Alex Jablonski (from UCLA)
  • The Godmother, dir. Lior Chefetz (from USC)
  • Head in the Sand, dir. David Baldwin (from USC)
  • Patrol, dir. John Patton Ford (from AFI)
  • Short on Time, dir. Benjamin Mattingly (from AFI)

Ice Age Award Best Actor in Short Film

  • John T. Cogan in The Golden Rule
  • Michael Cullen in Penance
  • Scottie Epstein in Numb
  • Raymond McAnally in Penance
  • Frederick Ponzlov in Forfeit of Grace
  • Nick Vujicic in The Butterfly Circus

Programmers award for excellent acting in a short film

  • Lilli Birdsell in Once Upon a Crime


Stars shine bright at 12th annual Method Fest
Great acting to be showcased in expanded screening schedule from March 25-31

Featured in films at the 12th annual Method Fest are, clockwise from top: Daphne Zuniga in Seducing Charlie Baker, Brian Geraghty (“Hurt Locker”) in Krews; and Emmy Award-winning Brian Cox and Paul Dano in The Good Heart.

Calabasas, March 16, 2010 - The 12th annual Method Fest Independent film festival, the only major U.S. film festival focusing on acting, boasts a strong lineup of stars this year. The festival is slated for March 25 – March 31 with screenings in Calabasas and Agoura Hills.

From the opening night film on March 25 to closing night on March 31, a number of stars are in this year's lineup of films.

They include:

The City of Your Final Destination starring Sir Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney, Omar Metwally and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The Good Heart with Emmy Award-winning Brian Cox and Paul Dano.

The Lightkeepers starring Richard Dreyfuss, Blythe Danner and Bruce Dern.

The Greatest starring Pierce Brosnan, Carey Mulligan and Susan Sarandon.

Handsome Harry starring Steve Buscemi, James Sheridan and Aidan Quinn.

Mercy starring James Caan, Scott Caan, Erika Christensen and Dylan McDermott.

Seducing Charlie Barker starring Daphne Zuniga.

Krews starring Brian Geraghty (“Hurt Locker”).

The Bake Shop Ghost starring Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

The Method Fest, named after the famous “Method” school of acting and dubbed as “The Actor's Festival” is the only film festival in the country that celebrates the actor. Breakout performances in independent film are featured as well as story-driven films with exceptional acting performances. In the short history of the festival, it has become a respected entity for talent and film discovery.

More than 125 films have premiered at the Method Fest including box office hits like “Waitress,” and “The Visitor.”

The Method Fest also features acting and filmmaking workshops, panels and seminars. The Method Fest Youth Program includes a short film and short screenplay competition for grades 6 – 12.

There are also major tributes honoring stars and top industry professionals, nightly galas, and major Indie Music events with established and new performers.

Other recipients of The Method Fest's Awards include Bruce Dern, Maximilian Schell, James Earl Jones, Rod Steiger, Peter Falk, Dennis Hopper, Martin Landau, Julie Harris, Ruby Dee and Christopher Plummer.

Tickets are now on sale for 2010 Method Fest!
Strong film lineup features American, International cinema
12th annual festival scheduled March 25-31 in Calabasas

Glamour, fun and the unveiling of the strongest lineup of films in the 12-year history of The Method Fest were the order of the day at the Sneak Preview Party, Feb. 25, at Arnie Morton's. Clockwise from top: the party's three co-hosts - CNN's Bella Shaw, actor James Russo and actress/model Anya Monzikova - pose for a photo; Monzikova with Anna Easteden, star of the Finnish film The House of Branching Love, which will make its U.S. debut at this year's Festival; actress/model Jozell Villa; the popular party stop of sponsor Barefoot Winery; famous steak sandwiches from sponsor host Arnie Morton's; and the glamorous Joan Benedict Steiger, widow of legendary actor Rod Steiger. Photos: Phil Berkner

Calabasas, California, March 5, 2010 — Tickets are now on sale for The Method Fest -- the annual celebration of performance, discovery and independent film. The Festival will open its 12th season with the strongest lineup ever, organizers say, and one that reflects excellence not just in American cinema, but worldwide as well.

Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets (see story at left).

The Method Fest independent film festival announced its lineup for this year on February 25 at Pierce College's Performing Arts Center. The festival is slated March 25-31 with screenings in Calabasas and Agoura Hills. The lead festival sponsor is the City of Calabasas.

Strong storytelling, always a hallmark of The Method Fest, will be found in such standouts as:

  • The City of Your Final Destination, directed by James Ivory and starring Anthony Hopkins, Omar Metwally, Laura Linney, Charlotte Gainsbourg;
  • The Be All and End All, directed by Bruce Webb and starring Eugene Byrne, Josh Bolt, and Connor McIntyre;
  • Do Elephants Pray?, helmed by Paul Hills and starring Jonnie Hurn and Julie Dray;
  • The Good Heart, written and directed by Dagur Kari and starring Brian Cox and Paul Dano;
  • Parkour, by German director Marc Rensing, starring Christoph Letkowski and Nora von Waldstatten;
  • UrFrenz, directed by Jeff Phillips and starring Lily Holleman, Gayla Goehl and Najarra Townsend.
  • The Lightkeepers, directed by Daniel Adams, and starring Richard Dreyfuss, Blythe Danner, and Bruce Dern;
  • The Greatest, marking the directing debut of screenwriter Shana Feste, and starring Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon

"The Method Fest is devoted to showcasing the art of acting and this year, the actors are making our selections easy," said program director John Anderson. "There will be a number of tremendous performances included in this year's Method Fest lineup. Audiences will be impressed, as well as entertained.”

“We now have become a worldwide showcase of quality independent film,” stated Don Franken, The Method Fest Executive Director. “We also have many world premieres this year. But, even more importantly, we have films with captivating performances, and riveting stories that audiences will really appreciate. The hardest award to pick this year could be breakout star, with so many talented young actors giving amazing performances.”

World Premieres include:

  • Desert Son, by James Mann and Brandon Nicholas and starring Erica Curtis, John Bain and Nathan Halliday;
  • The Penitent Man, directed by Nicholas Gyenes and starring Lance Henriksen;
  • Strayed, from Kazakhstan, directed by Akan Satayev and starring Andrey Merzlikin;
  • Tic, penned and helmed by Keith Parmer and featuring Lennie James, Treva Etienne, Gary McDonald;
  • Director Alex O'Gaynor's Wid Winner and the Slip Stream, starring James Sheldon and Alexander Wright;
  • Krews, directed by Hilbert Hakim and starring Brian Geraghty, Jonathan Cake, Faune Chambers, Sam Jones III, and C. Malik Whitfield;
  • No Names, by Kathy Lindboe, starring James Badge Dale and Gillian Jacobs;
  • The Loneliest Road in America (dir. Mardana Mayginnes);
  • The Beginner, (dir. Bejamin Coccio);
  • The Rock and Roll Dreams of Duncan Cristopher, Dir. Justin Monroe.

A total of 30 feature films and 59 shorts were announced Thursday night. The Method Fest is also expected to include (pending finalization) films from the Berlin Film Festival & Market.

The Opening night film will be “The City of Your Final Destination,” directed by James Ivory, a Merchant Ivory production.

Short films also make an impact. The Method Fest lineup of U.S. and international shorts includes The Butterfly Circus, 3 Faces of Evelyn, Touch, Abuelo, Short on Time, Head in the Sand, and Some Boys Don't Leave.

Named after the famous school of acting, The Method Fest is the only major film festival in the U.S. focusing on acting, celebrating breakout acting performances in story driven independent films. In only eight years, more than 140 films that have played / premiered at The Method Fest have gained theatrical release and/or TV and home video distribution.

In addition to the Indie Films, there will be a full Indie Music program with over 35 acts performing highlighted by Indie Music Night opening night at Sagebrush Cantina.

Tickets for the festival are available through, tel. 800-838-3006. Festival information is available at (310) 535-9230.

The Method Fest is sponsored by the city of Calabasas, and presenting media partners Time Warner Cable, the L.A. Daily News /, and 100.3 The Sound FM. Lead sponsors include Charter Communications, SAG Indie, Good Nite Inn Calabasas The Valley Economic Alliance/ Valley of the Stars, Sony, Christie, Stella Artois, Modern VideoFilm, Final Draft, Barefoot Winery, and MasterSource. Festival event hosts include Leonis Adobe, Pierce College, Arnie Morton's Famous Steakhouse, Fleming's Steakhouse, The Rack Restaurant, Maggiano's Restaurant, Moz Mudda Bar, Sagebrush Cantina.the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce. Fest supporters include Ice Age, IZZE,, Money Mailer, Calabasas Chamber of Commerce, and TK Promotions.

Method Fest expands Youth Education Program
Short Film, Screenplay and Actor Competition open to 6-12 graders

Access printable entry form

Calabasas, CA, March 1, 2010 - The 12th annual Method Fest independent film festival, slated for March 25-31, 2010 in Calabasas, Calif., has expanded its Youth Education Program to students in grades 6 through 12 who live in the Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

The festival's youth program will include short film and screenplay competitions, acting awards for young actors in the short film competition, as well as a full weekend of acting and filmmaking workshops and seminars conducted by experienced industry professionals during the festival.

Details of The Method Fest's Youth Education program:

The Mission

The program's mission is to provide an outlet for young filmmakers, writers and actors to share their work in a professional environment. Films are to be no longer than 12 minutes, and screenplays no longer than 10 pages in length.

The Work

In keeping with the focus of The Method Fest, short films and screenplays should highlight the strengths of the actor and have a great story. The Method Fest encourages simple character driven stories about life from the point of view of youth. Short films will be considered for the Best Screenplay Competition with or without a written screenplay. There is no entry fee for the screenplays or the films.

Guidelines for Films and Scripts

- They must tell a personal story.

- The must keep locations limited.

- Young filmmakers must find resources (people, places, things) available in their daily life.

- The number of actors must be limited to only a few, or just one or two.


Given the mission of the Method Fest Youth Program, All contestants must be in grades six to twelve (6-12, or their respective equivalents) in the school year 2009-10 and live in Los Angeles or Ventura counties.


March 10, 2010

The Divisions and Awards

- Division I (Grades 6 to 8)

- Division II (Grades 9 to 12)

In each division : Best Short Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Short Film . We reserve the right to give other awards too! Winners from past years have included Best Method Film.

The Process for Short Films

- Filmmakers submit an application and a copy of their film on DVD only.

- A panel of youth and professional filmmakers will narrow down the entries to finalists in each division.

- These movies will be screened at the festival.

- A panel from filmmaking industry will evaluate those movies and choose winners to be announced at an Awards Ceremony during the festival.

- Awards from past years have included copies of Final Draft Screenwriting Software and Professional and Consumer Video Cameras from Sony.

The Process for Short Screenplays

- Screenwriters submit an application and a copy of their script, no more than 10 pages long. We recommend the industry standard screenplay format.

- A panel of industry writers will select the best scripts.

- Awards from past years have included copies of Final Draft Screenwriting Software and professional assistance in realizing the script on film.

Film Screenings

We will screen several youth films during the festival, as many as we can.

Actor Awards

A panel of industry filmmakers and agents will select the best actor in each division from the pool of submitted short films. Actors in past competitions have won professional acting classes, Final Draft Screenwriting software, and agent representation.

Clinics & Helpful Information

During the festival we will have a variety of clinics for filmmaking, writing and acting. A complete schedule will be available on the festival website (


Feel free to contact the Youth Program Coordinator at

Educators & Industry

If you wish to involve yourself with the Youth Program or would like an industry professional/educator to visit your classroom, please contact the Youth Program Coordinator at

Named after a famous school of acting, The Method Fest is the only major film festival in the U.S. focusing on acting, celebrating breakout acting performances in story driven independent films. The Method Fest takes great pride in being a discovery festival, looking to help launch the works of young fresh filmmakers and to discover breakthrough performances by young, bold new actors. The festival has also taken great delight in sharing career-defining performances of established performers and in showcasing a few chosen well-known directors to screen at the festival.

The 12th annual The Method Fest will screen approximately 30 feature films and 50 short films from U.S. and international filmmakers. The film lineup will be announced on February 25, 2010.

The Method Fest is looking for volunteers to help with the planning and staging of the festival. Those interested are asked to email

The Method Fest is sponsored by the City of Calabasas and presenting media partners, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications and the L.A. Daily News / Lead sponsors include Prudential California Realty, the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley / Valley of the Stars, Sony, Christie, JetBlue, Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Modern VideoFilm, FilmFinders, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Final Draft, and Barefoot Winery.